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February 16, 2024

BC/Yukon Region’s new partnership with SKICOSMOS will allow current CSIA members access to SKICOSMOS programs at preferred rates. More information about these exclusive offers can be found under the Pro Deals tab.


Our passion has turned into an innovative concept that aims to bring the ski community together. Our goal is to offer a valuable tool for all skiers to improve their ski conditioning and stamina. A high-tech path to become stronger skiers and improve the ski technique.

SKICOSMOS is a ski specific training facility that utilizes technology to improve skiing technique and enhance ski fitness conditioning. Athletic performance & ski rehab as well as injury prevention are the main pillars of our specialization.

For a few years now, we have been working with Alpine Canada and Ski Cross Canada on some of the top WC skiers, utilizing our facility for their return on snow & return to performance phases of rehab. Our in-house developed ‘SKICOSMOS method’ makes ski simulation totally transferable on snow!

Our larger and more powerful “extreme” simulator, available with the CSIA BC Pro Deal, comes with a full 4K panoramic screen and HD projection for slalom-giant slalom and endless free ski runs.  More power for athletic training. More power means more G-force for advanced skiers, ski professionals and ski racers up to WC level.


Skiing time on the machine allows the skiers of all levels to ski more volume under the supervision of our coaches, utilizing the perfect feedback loop between coach – skier – simulator visual aids and a wide mirror, to assess and develop technical skills.

Invaluable tool for Ski Conditioning helps you develop and build your:

  • Lateral Balance – Timing – Coordination – Strength.
  • Endurance – agility – speed – muscle memory
  • Skiers will develop a stronger core, better lateral stability, and increased mobility.
  • Prepares you physically to be able to ski more volume so you can improve your upper – lower body separation / hip angulation / flexing and rolling your knees and ankles.
  • Full match of physical forces and biomechanics of skiing
  • Line & Rhythm / Edging & Pressure control / Endurance & Conditioning

    Ski Rehab: 

    Step-by-step post injury recovery that simulates natural compensatory mechanisms.
    One of the consequences of knee injuries is balance deficits, often loading to loss mobility at the ankle joint. Skiers can progressively step in, a little bit at a time, every couple of days due to returning to ski progression before they even get back on snow.
    Activate the body’s natural compensatory resources and get back on track much faster and safer. The forces are very similar to skiing and can let the body adapt step by step.

    The comprehensive ski conditioning program at SKICOSMOS incorporates many facets and skills that, when added together, will make you a more effective and hopefully less-injured skier.

    To learn more about SKICOSMOS, check out the website
    and follow on Instagram: @skicosmos for the best ski action from around the globe!

    Develop your skiing muscles, find muscle memory, develop lateral balance, timing, coordination and have a blast! SKICOSMOS is the fastest way to develop lateral balance and edge control.

    In 20 minutes, you can train the equivalent number of turns that you can skiing all day on a big mountain. The technology gives you the real experience of skiing in a safe, and closed environment where you can refine your skills because every turn can feel the same. Elite athletes train there to help them win. If you want to take your skiing to the next level quickly – SKICOSMOS is one of the best answers.
    Cam MacKenzie
    Trainer and CSIA Course Conductor
    When I was recovering from ACL and meniscus injuries, Skicosmos was a great help for me to return to snow. Without the sessions, I wouldn't have been able to perform as well as I did and it was a key part of my success in achieving my CSIA Level 4. By combining on-snow and simulator training, it can greatly help improve your skills.
    Maya Kakizaki
    Trainer and CSIA Course Conductor

    The Canadian Ski Cross Team has been frequently utilizing the SKICOSMOS facility to get our athletes back on the slopes ready to ski. We first approached Ski Cosmos when we had a few injured athletes that had reached a point in their recovery to begin the process to get back on snow. Using this machine, it did not take long at all for the athletes to find the fluid action that can otherwise only be achieved at speed and on the slopes. From that point we were able to isolate areas of technical needs and gain many repetitions correcting movements. This environment gives an excellent opportunity for the athlete to progress at their own pace and safely. Much safer than the crowded and limited early season slopes.

    Gianna and Apostolos have been extremely accommodating and very professional in their approach with our athletes. This has created an honourable and trusted relationship with each one of our ski cross racers and the staff members who have been able to be involved with them and their operation. They have provided us the ability to have our athletes enter the slopes much more able and prepared to finish-off their individual “return to Snow” protocols and their obligations to continual self improvement.

    For me personally, being able to direct and coach the athletes in this environment has aided me in personal growth in my profession. The opportunity to be able to see and understand specific aspects of each of the athlete’s strengths and areas that can be improved upon has been incredibly effective.

    I can only thank both Gianna and Apostolos for the excellent opportunity that they have provided for our team. Each athlete that has been through this process has made excellent and lasting gains.

    Jordan Williams
    CSX Coach

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