About Us

Who is the CSIA?

Founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1949 as a not-for-profit organization, the CSIA is the professional ski teaching body in Canada. It is a federally recognized teaching institution and it trains and certifies Ski Instructors to best serve its Partners such as Snow Schools and the Canadian Skiing Public. While the CSIA National Office is located in Montréal, the British Columbia/Yukon region is represented by its own not-for-profit organization whose Board is comprised of elected, volunteers. 

What do we Offer?

CSIA Education includes Programs with four Certification Levels and extensive Professional Development with Pro Days. Anyone who wishes to become a regular Member of the CSIA must attend and pass a Certification Program. Each Member has access to all types of training and education and receives communications and online material provided by the CSIA as well as other benefits and perks provide by our industry partners.

Diversity and Equality

“The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance stands for equality”.

These are challenging times. Our sphere of influence is the passion for our sport and our love of the mountains. It is this realm that gives us a unique opportunity to help shape the future.

We want everyone to join us on the slopes. Everyone. In recent months, we have made some of the biggest changes in the organization’s history. It is our goal to embrace all those communities that have been underrepresented in our organization as Instructors. We are motivated to provide an educational system that provides the opportunity for anyone to be successful.

A deep connection is the cornerstone of us being compassionate and respectful to one another. Our sport creates such a connection. It is the essence of our profession. Our journey to be better never ends.


The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance provides excellence in education for the profession of ski teaching, contributing to the growth and enjoyment of skiing.

At the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA), we value our sport and its environment, our Members, our Partners and the Skiing Public. As the leader in the profession of ski instruction and a most valued and respected contributor to the sport of skiing, we develop a safe and positive guest experience, a progressive approach and set national standards in ski teaching, providing opportunity for anyone to be successful.

The BC Region services regional needs in British Columbia and the Yukon by providing:

  • Member engagement activities such as:
    • Scholarship and Bursaries
    • Regional member communications
    • Social and Regional Event (all on-hill education program portions of the events are delivered through the Pro Days Programs administered by CSIA)
  • Member support and source of resources and information regarding the CSIA

The CSIA BC Board

Michel “Meesh” Berthoud portrait

Michel “Meesh” Berthoud

Southwestern Zone


With a degree in Mechanical Engineering fresh in hand, the door to my future stood open in front of me. The road ahead filled with opportunity and promise. Then a funny thing happened as the road ahead took a sharp turn West. The straight 6 lane highway suddenly became a narrow, twisting dirt path through the forest and over the mountains. Nice suits gave way to Gortex (patched with duct tape) jackets, company cars turned into chairlifts and the office cubicle transformed into powdery runs down the mountain.

Since arriving Whistler, that narrow, twisting dirt road has offered many great opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to ski more than 100 resorts in over 10 countries across 4 continents, meeting many great people and forming fantastic friendships along the way. I have a great passion for skiing and the mountains and enjoy sharing that passion with others, whether on the slopes, on the chair or in the pub over a refreshing beverage.

Skiing has given many great memories and I can’t wait to see which adventure that narrow, twisting dirt path will lead to next.

Amy McCarthy portrait

Amy McCarthy

Southwestern Zone


I hail from Ireland, and it wasn’t until I was 15 that I first put skis on, and I was hooked straight away. It did take another ten years before I did my first winter season. As soon as I finished my education, I hopped on a plane straight to Whistler. Legend has it that I arrived into Canada with a surfboard and a wetsuit….

After a year in Canada, I headed to Australia, and ended up there for five years. I remember sitting in Melbourne, where I had just relocated for an engineering job, and watched as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics kicked off—I had sudden FOMO as I sat in my generic hotel room. I knew I wanted to be back in Canada, and formulated a plan for an eventual return.

I’ve been back for over six years, and working in the ski industry since. What I love is the passion that skiers have for their sport. My passion is as strong as ever and it always amazes me how the mountains continue to call to me and our community. This year, more than any other, has highlighted how important it is to be active in the great outdoors, doing a sport we love, and the therapeutic effect that it brings. It is vital for our mental and physical wellness.

So let’s #skiwellbewell. I hope to see you on the slopes from a safe two metres away.

Julie Portrait

Julie Bernasconi

Kootenay Zone

Vice Chair

Hi! My name is Julie and I live in Fernie BC! Skiing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Laurentides region of Quebec where the mountains are small but the passion for skiing is big! As a child every weekend was spent at my home ski hill, Sommet Olympia. This is where I started my ski instructing career at the age of 14. I knew right away that I wanted to make ski instructing a life long career but I didn’t know how to at the time. While  going to college, I continued working as the weekend kids club supervisor and after attaining my degree in visual design and merchandising, I decided to head to Fernie for a ski season. Before I knew it, one ski season had turned to 10 and I was still living the dream in Fernie!

My ski career has brought me to so many places and brought on many opportunities. From one side of the country to the other, to back to back winters on the north island of New Zealand and a winter in Thredbo, Australia, I have occupied many different positions and worked in various aspects of ski instructing from freestyle to ski racing. Now as a CSIA level 4, I am the head coach of the Fernie big mountain team as well as working with the gap year program here, while also being a course conductor.

I love sharing my passion for skiing and helping my students build confidence while pushing their limits. I aspire to be a role model for the next generation of skiers. I like to ski fast down steep runs, ski deep powder snow and find new things to jump off on my skis. When I am not skiing you can find me on my mountain bike, camping, gardening or spending time with my dog Camber!   

Jesse Wright on the slopes

Jesse Wright

Northern Zone

Jesse has been an active ski instructor since 2008 when he started working for his local hill as an assistant and has never looked back.  He was a full-time ski instructor for a decade, working in Ontario at Devil’s Elbow Ski Area.  In 2016 he chased the snow and taught in Australia at Perisher Ski Resort during Canada’s summer season.  He has also taught for Brimacombe Ski Area, and as a Municipal instructor for the City of Toronto at Earl Bales and for the District of Mackenzie at Little Mac.  Jesse currently has half of his Level 3 Certification along with his Level 1 Coach and Level 1 CADS Certification.  

Jesse is currently a Municipal Councilor for the District of Mackenzie.  He also works as a Child & Youth Worker for a local non-profit.  Jesse sits on numerous boards including the Chair of CNC’s Community Advisory Committee for Mackenzie, NDIT’s Regional Advisory Committee, is an alternate director for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, a Council Liaison for Mackenzie’s New Horizon’s for Seniors Project and previously sat on the Board of Directors for the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce.  Jesse graduated from Trent University in 2017 with a degree in Political Studies and graduated from York University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Education.    

Jesse wants to ensure the north is represented by CSIA BC.  Jesse was an active member of the CSIA in Ontario, taking numerous courses and working his way through the certification pathway, ending with half of his level 3 and an ambition to finish it.  Since moving to BC in 2019, his connection to the CSIA has gone away.  He wants to change that.

Mark Impey

Director at Large

My Name is Mark Impey, I am grateful to the CSIA BC membership for electing me to the Director at Large position on the CSIA BC Board.  Skiing has always been an important part of my life, I have been involved with the CSIA and with Ski Instruction since I was a teenager.  

At 18 years of age, I travelled to Austria where I secured a job as a Ski Instructor, this experience was the genesis for my life’s direction.  In Austria I worked in a large Ski School with Instructors of all ages.  I noticed that these Instructors all had one thing in common, they were happy.  My teenaged wisdom determined that this would be a good thing to move towards, and my life path was set.  The CSIA provided the ladder for me to climb which opened the door to much opportunity and to so many rewarding experiences.  I currently am the Program Director for the Canadian Ski Quest Program at Red Mountain and a CSIA Course Conductor

Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Thompson-Okanagan Zone

Hi, I’m Rachel! Originally from Ottawa, Ontario. I started skiing when I was 4 years old and have loved it ever since. I became an instructor when I was 15 at Mont Cascades, Quebec, teaching kids groups and tots on weekends all throughout high school and university. In 2014 I moved to BC for what I thought would be one winter- but like so many of us, one winter turned into many! I now live in Sun Peaks year-round, spending my summers trail running and mountain biking. I love teaching every kind of lesson from tots to adults to instructor training programs and was incredibly excited to achieve my level 4 pin last year!

I love sharing my passion for skiing with others. I hope to use my degree in Human Rights, experience with community organizing, and long involvement in the CSIA to give back to the industry and members. My time as a Community Coordinator for the CSIA’s WIS mentorship program has been super fulfilling and I am so excited to get more involved on the BC board!

Charlotte Judd

Charlotte Judd

Southwestern Zone

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am originally from Portchester in the UK. I did my first season at Big White (2009/10) after completing a BSc (Hons) in Public Health.  I now live in Courtenay, Vancouver Island and am the Snow School Manager at Mt. Washington Alpine Resort. I have taught skiing since my late teens, starting at a dry slope in Southampton (UK). I completed my CSIA level 3 in 2013 and up until a few years ago have taught CSIA level 1 courses. I have recently completed my trainer exam and look forward to getting back to teaching some level 1 Instructor courses after a few seasons off.

During the winter seasons I enjoy taking out training sessions for instructors that focus on teaching beginners and tots. If I had to pick a lesson to teach, I would take under 6’s any day! I really enjoy the creativity and fun you can have with tot lessons. Making up games and tasks for them to do on their skis and really thinking outside the box to relate it you their age and development. The CSIA has provided me with the resources to find this area of ski teaching and instructor training that I enjoy the most. Each season I look forward to helping guide young and new instructors on ways to engage the youngest learners we have and help create lifelong skiers and hopefully future instructors!  

During the summer months you will find me camping, biking and paddling with my young family. We enjoy staying close to home and venturing to new places in BC. We always pick somewhere close to the ocean or lake so we can enjoy our paddle boards and canoe. 


Cameron MacKenzie skiing

Cameron MacKenzie


I started teaching skiing at Grouse Mountain in high school. I had the good fortune to develop my skiing and have many amazing experiences, including supervising most of the programs there.

Eventually I started teaching at Whistler where I’m currently having the time of my life teaching Club Linc, doing staff training and working as a course conductor. I have also taught in Japan and New Zealand.

I have been both a part time and fulltime pro. The part time years drove me nuts as all my friends were skiing powder while I was driving a mouse. What helped me during this time was teaching SKI FIT at Vancouver School Board Night School (thanks to guidance from my mentor Bill Vennels), training staff at nights at Grouse and working at Whistler on the weekends, holidays and during vacation.

I very much look forward to serving CSIA BC. I believe I have the right background to support the board and the members. LinkedIn: Cameron J. MacKenzie