Get Ready for Winter Series

September 15, 2023

The leaves are starting to change, the morning air is getting crisp, winter is on its way. Are you ready? CSIA BC in collaboration with Skicosmos presents the Get Ready for Winter series.

This series focuses on dryland tips to help you get ready for the up coming ski season. This series will cover different topics like; stretching, warm-up, agility, balance, explosiveness and more. These videos will be released on the CSIA BC YouTube channel and can also be found under the training section in the resources tab on the website.

Be sure to follow us on the journey to get ready for winter. See you on the slopes.

Gianna Benardi

  • Skicosmos co-founder
  • BSc MSc exercise physilogy
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • ISIA coach, CSIA L3
  • Athletic perfomance coach, specialized in alpine skiing
  • WTF Tea Kwon Do master 5th dan & coach

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