Community Chest

One of the strengths of the BC/Yukon ski community is that strong sense of community. A community that bands together in times of need offering support and assistance.

The CSIA BC/Yukon Region supports and advocates for a healthy community and is creating a Community Chest to honour and promote this strong sense of community that currently exists.

The Community Chest has two avenues for submissions. The first is member assistance. How can the BC/Yukon Region help you or one of your peers overcome a current hardship. The second is by a request for funds. Is your Snow School/Resort holding a staff or local event and how can the BC/Yukon Region can contribute to the success of the event.

How to Apply

Member Assistance – Do you, or do you know a member, in need of assistance?

Send in a submission to let us know your – or your peers – challenges and how we can help improve the situation. Does someone need help to cover travel costs to a course? Need new gear but can’t afford the cost? Training unavailable that their local resort? Let us know how we can help. (Reminder that financial assistance for course costs is available through the Scholarship program)

The candidate being nominated must be a current member in good standing with the CSIA and reside and work in British Columbia or the Yukon. Submission should include:

  • A summary of their involvement and dedication within their Snow School, including any specific achievements or recognitions received
  • Mention the challenge currently faced and how we can help
  • Include a letter of recommendation from their Snow School Director/Manager
  • Include your contact details (if nominating a peer)
  • Submission received by the posted deadline

Request for Funding
– Is your Snow School/Resort organizing a staff or local event?

Whether is providing funding, prizing or trainers, let us know how we can contribute to the success of your Snow School event.

Requests must include the following:

  • Description of the event.
  • How the BC/Yukon region can provide assistance
  • Snow School and Event must be held within BC or the Yukon
  • Request received by the posted deadline

To submit a request for funding or member assistance from the Community Chest, please email with the subject heading Community Chest.


Submissions must be received by February 28th, 2024.

Selection Process and Communication

The CSIA BC/Yukon Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection of the successful submissions. Criteria that submissions will be considered are:

  • Member Assistance – the request, the need, passion for skiing and ski teaching, involvement in Snow School and community
  • Request for Funding – the event, the request, engagement of members and community

Successful submissions will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision within 2 weeks of the deadline by email, by telephone or by other means deemed adequate and funding is subject to number of submissions received.