Scholarship Funds

The CSIA BC Region and CSIA National continues to promote ongoing education through its Scholarship Program. Financial assistance is made available to aspiring full-time and part-time Ski Instructors that have unmistakably demonstrated their commitment to the sport of skiing and have distinguished themselves by their initiative and involvement in their Snow School. The Scholarship Program offers an incredible opportunity to support your growth through our system, so take advantage of this opportunity and apply!

Please note that by applying for the National Scholarship, that automatically applies you for the BC Scholarship.

Key Dates

January 31, 2024

National Scholarship for all Members requiring financial assistance with the registration fee for a Certification Program offered in Canada.

January 31, 2024

BC Regional Scholarship for all members of the regions of British Columbia/Yukon requiring financial assistance with the registration fee for a Certification Program offered in their region.

The CSIA Scholarship Program grants selected applicants with a one-time use promo code, applicable on one or more Certification Programs of their choice, up to a value of $500 ($1000 when applied towards the Level 4 Academy). All Certification Pathway Programs are eligible, excluding the Level 4 Academy Selection Camp and Exam.

Your Application

The Candidate must:

  • be a Regular Member in good standing with the CSIA and reside and work in British Columbia or the Yukon
  • include a summary of their involvement and dedication within their Snow School, including any specific achievements or recognitions received and outline their career objectives within the Ski Industry
  • include a letter of recommendation from their Snow School Director
  • clearly demonstrate financial need
  • send their Scholarship application request as per the deadlines announced
  • mention the Certification Program(s) name, location and date they are applying for
  • to apply for the Scholarship, please login to your profile, go to the Member Area tab, then select Scholarship Application from the drop-down menu.

Award Criteria & Process

The Scholarships shall be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • all of the above-mentioned information has been submitted
  • priority will be given to full-time seasonal and part-time Ski Instructors whose sole revenues come from ski instruction
  • the Scholarship will be valid until June 30th, 2024
  • only one Scholarship, will be granted per Member in a three (3) year period (National Scholarship)
  • the Scholarship request is subject to space availability at the time of registration

Selection Process and communication:

  • the CSIA Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection of the Candidates.
  • all Candidates will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision within 2 weeks of the deadline by email, by telephone or by other means deemed adequate.

Past Winners

Congratulations to the following successful scholarship candidates, 2022/2023.

  • Jeremy Bankes
  • Jocelyn Bell
  • Kasper Blyt
  • Regan Clark
  • Kathleen Constable
  • Meaghan Curtis
  • Megan Curtis
  • James Duncan
  • Gillian Hague
  • Julie Hamel
  • Mariah Rose Hunter
  • Emma Jensen
  • Charlotte Louise Judd
  • Paola Lay
  • Annie McConnell
  • Matt Mcdonnell
  • Kyla McMahon
  • Naomi O’Bierne
  • Harriet Parnis
  • Jasper Plunkett
  • Shea Redlich
  • Ben Rolph
  • Roel Rotteveel
  • Rachelle M Simard
  • Cindy Sleeman
  • Camilla Vans Agnew
  • Adam Wallace
  • Joel Whalen
  • Connor Willis

Congratulations to the following successful scholarship candidates, 2021/2022.

  • James Howarth
  • Cole Breckell
  • Jonathan Hyde
  • Mariam Mouhajer
  • Sophia Chen
  • Liamm Robert MacKenzie
  • Reiko Kagawa
  • Kelly-Anne Oliver
  • Jana Kolankiewiczova
  • Bob Brett
  • Renée Nicole Amaral Masongsong
  • Simon Adam Parkinson
  • Keolani Horlacher-Montpetit
  • Natalie Austin
  • Kristine Johnson
  • Hary Coomber
  • Kai Clarke
  • Charlotte Seymour

Congratulations to the following successful scholarship candidates, 2020/2021.

  • Charles Allworth
  • Massimo Bellini Bressi
  • Sjoerd Frederick Bokma
  • Vivian Wei Wei Cheng
  • Omer Dagan
  • Javier Fuentes
  • Erica Leigh Haugland
  • Julie Liautaud
  • Joshua James Robert Ramsey
  • Luka Sinhart
  • Martha Kilian
  • Finn Target
  • Nathan Williams
  • Anna Balls
  • Julie Bernasconi
  • Scott Cartner
  • Craig Clark
  • Liam Evans
  • Thomas Gibson
  • Soyoung Jeong
  • Giovanna Lanius-Pascuzzi
  • Gynette Mercier
  • Tia Lynn Shuster
  • Brooke Spence
  • Novalla Vanessa Maria Tulloch
  • Robert Williams
    Jessica Winston-Smith
  • JJ Bate
  • Alexandra Georgia Beck
  • Andrew Casanova
  • James Cooper
  • Derek Foose
  • Sydney Hague
  • Maya Kakizaki
  • Simon Lauzier
  • Lee Mounsey
  • Chloe Sigouin
  • Colin Steedman
  • Samuel Watson
  • Alexander Wilson

"Thank you for this wonderful honour and I look forward to bettering myself and representing CSIA with the utmost pride with gratitude to the amazing opportunity you have all offered me!"

Thanks to the BC/Yukon Board of Directors for their generosity in funding my Scholarship. The bursary has made an immediate, appreciable difference to my ability to train hard and smart this winter. I am so grateful for your support

"Thank you very much! I really appreciate this opportunity and I look forward to continuing my educational development in skiing.”