March 16, 2023

BC and Yukon Members of the CSIA,

In any organization change is difficult and we believe that cooperation and productive discussions between all parties – National Board, Regions, Committees and Staff – is needed to build a stronger CSIA for the future.

Some of you will have heard of a disagreement within our National organization. There are some members asking the National Board Chair (Allison Sharpe) to step down. Further to this it appears that the Ontario Regional Board may take actions that would force the early removal of the National Board Chair, who is also the National Board Member from Ontario.

The National Board Chair ceases to hold her position as of May 1, 2023, as this is the culmination of her second and final term. The National Board has a regular election process which sees Board Members elected for a 3-year term for a maximum of two terms. Due to the completion of the National Board Chair’s term the election process for a new member is underway and this new, duly elected representative will be taking over the role as Ontario National Board Member.

Your BC/Yukon Regional Board has reviewed the publicly available materials relating to the early removal of the National Board Chair and have come to the conclusion that we cannot support this effort. The regular electoral process of the CSIA will replace the National Board Chair within 2 months and the new, duly elected Board Members will represent the concerns and interests of all CSIA Members.

Your BC/Yukon Regional Board wants our National Board to include Representatives that have been elected in an open and transparent manner. We believe that waiting less than 2 months for this to occur is in the best interest of our organization.

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