Message from the Board

May 25, 2023

To the attention of the CSIA BC/Yukon Regional Members,

This past week, two important communications were shared to the CSIA Membership which may have created some confusion for some members. The decision to terminate the Managing Director and the Call for a Special Meeting are two important yet different issues. The decision to terminate the Managing Director was both surprising and disappointing as the concerns of the National Board were never shared with the Regions, nor were the Regions included in any discussion or asked for any collaborative regional input. This has left us without the necessary information and knowledge behind the reasoning of this decision and leads to great concerns about the process utilized in arriving at this important decision . To obtain a better understanding of the decision so that we can provide informed answers to our members, the Board has asked for some clarification on certain points, including:

What were the determining factors in the removal of the Managing Director?
What is the plan moving forward? What is the new direction? Are more changes
What is the risk to the CSIA both financially and legally?
Was the termination with cause or without?

The BC/Yukon Regional Board would like to thank Perry for his dedication to the CSIA and his efforts to grow the organization toward a stronger, more inclusive future. We hope that the CSIA will continue on this path and wish Perry all the best in his future endeavours. Although not everyone might agree with the decision, it has been made and we must look towards the future. We look forward to working together (National, Regional and Membership)
to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to restore confidence within our membership. This will happen by creating good governance practices and creating the productive and collaborative environment needed to build a stronger CSIA for the future.

The second issue regarding the Call for a Special Meeting addresses concerns with respect to the current CSIA governance structure. This endeavour has been underway for some months, and it was coincidental that the letter was released at the same time as the announcement by the National Board. This is a concern that is shared by the BC/Yukon Regional Board. We feel a change to a professional board with a mix of regional representation and expertise (Legal, HR, Governance and Financial) is essential for good governance and will help guide the CSIA to a stronger and successful future.

We encourage you to; read the following information, be inquisitive by asking questions and if you believe a change of governance is important for a stronger functioning CSIA, we encourage you to get involved by signing the letter asking for a Special Meeting.

Meeting Request

Please do not hesitate to contact your BC/Yukon Board Members if you have any questions or
concerns about these or any other issues. We are all passionate about ski teaching and would like to see the CSIA continue to evolve, grow, and remain a Leader in the world of skiing teaching.

Michel Berthoud
CSIA BC/Yukon Regional Chair

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