Eric Rousseau (Southwestern) Bursary

Eric-Rooster-Rousseau portrait

In life and on the slopes, Eric always gave 110%. After all, the faster you went, the less time you were in danger. His energy and excitement were contagious and served as an inspiration to all that skied with him. He was caring and never one to self-promote. Instead, he took the time to pump up others and make everyone around him feel special. Eric never asked for anything in return, he just kept giving. Eric had a way about him that would put people at ease. He was inspirational and always managed to get the best out of people.

His passion for life that came through in everything he did and for that reason, he made those around him better and that is the true definition of Leadership.

In the spirit of “making this the best day ever”, the CSIA BC Region is announcing that an annual bursary of $1,000 will be offered in Eric’s honour. This bursary will be made available to any current CSIA BC/Yukon member residing and working within the Southwestern Zone (excluding Vancouver Island), who wishes to continue their professional development within the CSIA and embodies the spirit and the passion that made the Rooster so special.

How to Apply

Candidates can apply themselves or be nominated by their peers.

The Candidate must:

  • Be a Regular Member in good standing with the CSIA
  • Reside and work with the Southwestern Zone (excluding Vancouver Island)
  • Include a summary of their involvement and dedication within their Snow School, including any specific achievements or recognitions received and outline their career objectives within the Ski Industry
  • Include a letter of recommendation from their Snow School Director
  • Send their application request as per the February 28th, 2024 deadline
  • Mention the Certification Program(s) name, location and date they are attending

To apply for the Bursary, please email with the subject heading Eric Rousseau Bursary

The Bursary shall be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • All of the above-mentioned information has been submitted
  • Shows exceptional leadership qualities
  • Serves as an inspiration to their respective Snow School and skiing community
  • Demonstrates an outstanding passion for skiing and teaching

Applications must be received by February 28th, 2024

Selection Process and Communication

The CSIA-BC Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection of the successful candidate

Successful candidate will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision within 2 weeks of the deadline by email, by telephone or by other means deemed adequate

Past Winners

2023 – Lee Mounsey
2022 – Taz Scully

Any Questions?

If you’re not sure if you can apply for the bursary, or you need help doing so, please contact us for advice.